Stephanie Johnson: Concierge Business for Pregnant Women in Bed Rest

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Stephanie JohnsonThousands of women are put on bed rest to prevent complications during pregnancy and manage any health risks. However, being on bed rest is not a walk in the park: not only are women in bed rest stressed out with the thought of keeping themselves and their babies healthy, but they are fighting boredom and anxiety of being in bed all the time.

Worse, moms-to-be on bed rest are not able to engage and participate in some of the most exciting parts of being a parent-to-be — e.g., things like getting the nursery ready, shopping for nursery decorations, buying clothes for the baby, among others.

Stephanie D. Johnson knew how being on bed rest while being pregnant can be mentally and physically exhausting. When she was pregnant with daughter Harlow, she spent 26 weeks on bed rest. That’s a long time to be cooped up in the bedroom!

Knowing that there are other women who are on bed rest while pregnant, she decided to start a business to help out these women and make their pregnancy a little easier. Stephanie parlayed this difficult experience into a business catering to women who need assistance in maintaining their homes and lifestyles while on bed rest. In 2011 with a $4,000 loan from her husband, Stephanie started Bed Rest Concierge in North Texas.

Best Rest Concierge provides a wide variety of pre- and post-delivery services, including

  • creating and managing a baby registry
  • creating and distributing birth announcement
  • designing the nursery
  • organizing baby showers
  • doing diaper delivery service
  • providing laundry service
  • assisting in hospital preparation
  • installing car seats
  • managing the personal household including grocery shopping and doing errands

In addition, Bed Rest Concierge offers a number of “pampering services,” such as manicures, pedicures and facials. Just because a woman is on bed rest does not mean that she cannot look beautiful and glamorous!

Stephanie’s business also provide a number of education courses such as breastfeeding, private lamaze classes, and infant and child CPR. Bed Rest Concierge also provides parent-to-be preparation courses to teach about swaddling, feeding the baby, and other things that new parents need to know to take care of the baby.

Today, Bed Rest Concierge has grown into a $3.8 million business. It has satellite offices in major cities such as New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. She was recently featured in The Bethenny Frankel Show as an inspiring entrepreneur.

Stephanie also expanded her brand by providing consulting services and guesting as a speaker for conferences and conventions, seminars and trade shows, among others. She also wrote the book “Life, Business and the Pursuit of Having It All.”

In one interview, Johnson states, “I took a simple idea and turned it into a profitable thriving business. I don’t have a formula for success, I just didn’t give myself any other options.”



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