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WomenHomeBusiness.com delivers tools, information and inspiration for women home business entrepreneurs to succeed. Our aim is to inspire women entrepreneurs like you and give you concrete examples of small business strategies that work.

The web site presents relevant and timely articles focused on giving women entrepreneurs’ ideas of how best to deal with the challenges of starting and running a business. It offers real stories of women (and men too!) who have successfully started their businesses and those who have taken it to the next level.  You will learn how these entrepreneurs started; how they financed their businesses; how they marketed their products; how they managed their businesses; and more.

Starting and running a business are no easy tasks, and most learn through trial and error. Through the experiences of our featured entrepreneurs (most of whom have learned how to grow their businesses the hard way), you will save time by learning and avoiding the mistakes they have made. 

WomenHomeBusiness.com also aims to empower women by learning from the strategies to attain success from best-selling business books and other authors in our Business Books and Success.

Our mission is to help women entrepreneurs learn how to start, run and manage a successful business through inspiration and emulation. Our passion is to empower, give hope and enhance the belief systems of women business owners to help them achieve success in their business ventures.

WomenHomeBusiness.com was launched in 2005, and is a division of PowerHomeBiz.com LLC. PowerHomeBiz.com LLC is a privately held Virginia-based company that started in December 1999 and publishes home business and small business information. The company runs PowerHomeBiz.com http://www.powerhomebiz.com, which provides ideas and comprehensive step-by-step guides to help small entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

In a world that is constantly changing and getting increasingly competitive, WomenHomeBusiness.com is here to keep you inspired.

Enjoy, Learn and Succeed!

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