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Success Stories of Small and Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Below are some successful small and home business entrepreneurs. Learn from their stories and be inspired by their achievement:
  • Lisa Kothari, Founder, Peppers and Pollwogs 
    Lisa Kothari (Peppers and Pollwogs): Success in Planning Kid's Parties
    Lisa Kothari, founder of Peppers and Pollywogs, is a well known author and a nationally known party planning expert. Learn how Lisa started the business and how she is facing the challenges coming her way.
  • Heather Murphy Monteith, Founder, Baby Loves Disco   
    Heather Murphy Monteith (Baby Loves Disco): Dancing to Success
    Heather Murphy Monteith founded Baby Loves Disco to provide a fun party atmosphere for both kids and adults. Learn how Heather started the business and how she is facing the challenges
  • Nicole Simons, Founder, Fortunuts 
    Nicole Simons: Home Business Success Story with Fortunuts
    When Nicole Simons sold out again and again her special walnuts in farmers' markets in California, she knew she had the makings of a successful product. Learn how Nicole Simons is steering her gourmet nuts business Fortunuts to success.
  • Brenda Dronkers, Founder, Pump It Up and Thriving Ink 
    Brenda Dronkers: Moving from One Successful Business to Another
    Brenda Dronkers made her mark by starting the highly successful inflatable party place for kids called Pump It Up that grew into a $55 million dollar business with 160 franchises. Now she is ready to face a new challenge with a new clothing line called Thriving Ink.  
  • Betsy Fein, President, Clutterbusters
    Betsy Fein: Success in the Home Organizing Business
    A mompreneur, Betsy Fein turned her talent for home organizing into a successful business Clutterbusters, a leading name in professional organizing.
  • Alison Liebeskind, Founder, Alison Beth
    Alison Liebeskind: Making a Mark in the Fashion Industry
    Alison Leibeskind, founder and creative force of knitwear fashion accessories company, combines her vast knowledge of visual arts with a solid understanding of her market to push her business to success.
  • Jenny Lefcourt, Co-Founder, WeddingChannel.com and Bella Pictures
    Jenny Lefcourt: Online Wedding Business Pioneer

    Jenny Lefcourt is one of the first visionaries who saw the potential of the Web for the wedding business. After leading WeddingChannel.com to success, she is revolutionizing the wedding photography business with her new venture Bella Pictures.
  • Liz Folger, Founder and Author, BizyMoms.com
    Liz Folger: A Stay-at-Home Mom's Success Story 

    Liz Folger, founder of Bizymoms.com is one of the most visible work-at-home mom expert, self-syndicated columnist and public speaker today.
  • Eileen Coale, Founder, Coale Communications
    Eileen Coale: Making It Big in Freelance Copywriting 

    Eileen Coale has found her niche doing business on the Web as a freelance copywriter, one of the hottest careers on the Web today.
  • Richard Busch, Owner, Glenfiddich Farm Pottery
    Richard Busch: Who’s Retiring?

    Instead of slowing down, a growing number of retirees are opting to start new careers – as entrepreneurs. Richard Busch, 63, owner of Glenfiddich Farm Pottery, is part of the growing number of lifestyle entrepreneurs who started businesses to support the lifestyle that they love. After a 30-year career as a highly successful magazine editor, Richard made a 180-degrees turn and quit the job in 1997 at the age of 56 to pursue his passion for pottery.
  • David Marcks, Founder, Geese Police
    Geese Police: It's a Geese of a Home Business! 

    David Marcks discovered a lucrative business opportunity when his dog chased away the geese at a golf course. Today, Geese Police, a company that uses dogs to chase geese, is a multi-million business with several offices across the U.S.
  • Amilya Antonetti, Founder, Soapworks
    Amilya Antonetti: How a Family Need Spurred a Profitable Business  

    Amilya Antonetti struggled to find a cure for her son’s ailments, and found with it a successful business. Learn how Amilya started her business manufacturing hypoallergenic cleaning products and then turning it into a $10 million business.
  • Lillian Vernon, Founder, Lillian Vernon Corporation 
    Lillian Vernon and Her Continued Success in the 21st Century 

    Lillian Vernon built a hugely successful direct mail catalog business from her kitchen table in the 1950s. Fifty plus years later, let us learn how Lillian and her company cope with the vastly different business environment of the 21st century.

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