Why More Moms are Working from Home

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work from home momThere used to be only two categories of moms in the past: the stay-at-home moms and the working moms. Stay-at-home moms essentially focus on taking care of their kids and being at home all day to manage the housework. On the other hand, working moms have full-time jobs and work outside the house. Now, we can add a third category to the mix: the stay-at-home moms who work, but work in their homes.

Technology, particularly the Internet, has made it so much easier for stay-at-home moms to take care of the kids and the household, but at the same time, have a paying career that they can be proud of. They work from running their own businesses or employed by companies who allows work from home employees.

For many women, working from home give them the best of both worlds. At present, more moms are opting to work from home. Here are seven reasons why working from home is ideal for many moms, and why you should speculate doing so yourself:

  • You can earn money, without the hassle of commuting and the expense of dressing up for work
  • You can setup your own hours
  • You can be there for your family and kids when they require you
  • You can direct your own career goals, instead of being bounded by the company chain of command and management aspirations
  • You can be your own administrator
  • You can make the life that you have dreamed for yourself and your family happen
  • You can take tax advantages by using your home as place of business

If all of that appears to be very good to you, and I am sure it does, here’s how you can get started !

When you’re all set to fall in with the other moms working from home, you will find a few things you ‘ll need to do. It begins with a good analysis of what you have an urge for, what you have and what possibilities are made available to you. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself. Don’t despair if it takes some time to secure the answers, the end result will ultimately be worth the work.

What do you would like to do?

What attracts you, what do you like to do and what kind of business or work from home opportunity do you feel you would love? Make a list of the things you fancy to accomplish. And don’t worry if they’re marketable right now as a business suggestion or a work from home position; rather just devote effort to what you’re enthusiastic about. Read 10 Tips on Choosing Your Home Business.

What are your capabilities and assets?

We all have skills and strengths we’re either born with or we have refined over our lifespan. Make an outline of the things you are good at. Just like the procedure you just did, don’t worry whether it’s marketable or not. Just make an useful long listing of all of your strengths. Read the article “6 Skills Every Entrepreneur Need to Succeed.”

What are your weak spots?

Do not devote much time on this but appreciate what you are not as proficient at when you are studying potential small business opportunities. For example, if you are examining direct sales but are terribly uncomfortable talking to groups of people, this may not be the advantageous opportunity for you.

What are the possibilities?

Here is where you start combining your outlines of what you’re proficient at, what you get a charge out of and what could be composed from those two factors. For example, if you are fascinated with crafting and are a knowledgeable at doing it, you could set up a craft business. You can also make money selling vintage jewelry, or start a gift baskets business. You could also make money from blogs or grow into a direct sales freelancer for a crafting corporation.

Who do you know?

Before you finalize any conclusions, ponder who you have a relationship with and how they could be able to assist you. If you know men or women who have started their own business, network with them for help. If you know people who telecommute or have a work from home opportunity, speak to them. Know how to select the right professional help for your home business.

And lastly, create in your mind your future and then take your initial step toward the lifestyle you wish, a life where you can do business from home and be there for your spouse and kids when they need you.

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  1. GREAT ARTICLE. ALEXIS. As a stay at home mom, I totally agree that you need to find what you’re good at and get great a doing it. I offer tips on my blog on how to find your passion and discover your purpose. Check it out.

    Kimberly Buchanan

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