How to Be a Successful Blogger

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How to Be a Successful Blogger

Several years ago, Women Home Business shared a few ways that people could earn money from blogs. Now more than ever, people are quitting their full-time office jobs to work from home to lead a more flexible lifestyle. Blogging has become the primary choice for many women, freelancing for several companies, maintaining their own blogs, and marketing their own pieces through various social media channels. Mothers, travelers, makeup addicts, comedians, and many others are rediscovering their passions through blogging, and while this form of work does have its own set of obstacles, the job is much easier when you love what you are doing.

Before you make this big career shift, there are some things you need to take into consideration in order for you to find success in the online blogging community. You may know all the basics of creating a blog, but there is much more to it than having a catchy domain name, a good website design and a large following on social media.

Evaluate your reasons for wanting to blog

There are hundreds of articles out there that focus on why you should start a blog, but there aren’t enough that reveal the reasons that you shouldn’t. The Minimalists, a well-known duo that’s been featured in various leading media publications, explain that there is a wrong way to go about blogging. Money is not a guarantee in this business, and neither is internet fame. Your intent has an impact on how you build your brand, and if you’re doing this to make money or be famous, chances are that you will set yourself up for disappointment.

Find your niche

Like you would when starting a business from scratch, you need to find your niche market. A lot of women will start their blog off as a way to update their friends and family that live all around the world, but it’s hard to establish your identity when you cover a wide array of topics in your posts. Create content around your passions, as they will supply you with an endless number of blog posts that will speak out to people with similar interests. If your children are on a special diet, share your recipes for gluten-free or vegan family dinners, paired with lots of pictures and videos. If you want to be a beauty blogger, post video tutorials of makeup looks and provide product reviews. Subscription boxes are one of the latest trends in the industry, as The Scene showcases various members of the online beauty community unboxing monthly selections from Allure Magazine.

How to Be a Successful Blogger

Share your experiences, but don’t boast

You may be an expert in something, but there is a way to communicate your tips and opinions without being condescending or showing off privilege. Travel blogging has become somewhat of a controversial sector, with many encouraging others to quit their day jobs to explore the world beyond their bubble. This piece of advice is problematic since numerous factors have to be considered in order to make such a commitment. Not everyone has the luxury to live out of a backpack for a year since travel depends on family commitments, cost, and the power of your passport. As National Geographic reiterates, “International travel is unaffordable to many,” and not just in terms of money. This is just one example of why you should be mindful of how you share your input. Give your opinion with your audience in mind. That’s how your readers will value your content and take you seriously as a blogger.

Be willing to learn

No one is perfect at blogging, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get your million readers within the first year at the job. Even those that have been in the business for years are still learning how to maneuver through the ever-evolving blogosphere. You just have to be willing to learn. One piece of advice from Shout Me Loud is to never stop reading. Explore other blogs, find tips from experts, be inspired by other bloggers—this will help you stay updated with the latest information and keep your creative juices flowing.


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