How to Raise the Visibility of Your Business with Branding and PR

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Publicity expert Kristin Marquet shared to me this great article on how small businesses can use branding and public relations to rise above the competition and reach their target markets. Kristin is the President of Marquet Communications, a full service public relations and branding firm for the fashion and beauty industries. She has previously shared her startup story with WomenHomeBusiness . Read her tips and learn from Kristin: 

Have you always wondered how your competitors are getting write-ups and articles in newspapers, magazines and trade journals? You constantly submit articles and press releases but none of them have gotten published. You ask yourself why, only to find out the reasons can be resolved quickly.

1. Understand that newspapers, magazines and trade journalists are not interested in providing sales content to their readers.

They are interested in providing content that is newsworthy and that is going to interest their readers. For instance, if you are located in Atlanta and you are holding a food drive for local shelters during the holidays, most likely larger city newspapers like the LA Times are not going to be interested in the story because it is not local to their readers. However, if you were to pick a nationwide angle – how hunger is rampant in the USA and how local businesses can help feed the hunger in those cities, would probably be more interested in the story. Press releases, email and telephone pitches and query letters are the ways to touch base with the media. If a journalist shuns you, don’t take offense. Most media pros are bombarded with badly written pitches from annoying and self-serving business owners or obnoxious PR people.

Read the full article Branding and PR: Raise your Visibility in a Cluttered Marketplace

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