Small and Home Business Entrepreneurs Who Made It Big

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May 17, 2005 (Annandale, VA) – LLC announced the launch of its newest website (  The new website will present real stories of women (and men too!) who have succeeded in their entrepreneurial ventures. It will focus on success stories of entrepreneurs who learned how to grow their businesses the hard way, often through trial and error.

The new website’s aim is to help small and home-business entrepreneurs learn how to better run and manage a successful business through inspiration and emulation. Through the various “how I did it” success stories, other entrepreneurs can learn from successful business owners and know what strategies worked and what didn’t worked.

“If you are starting a serious business, you must know that there is no easy way. With the stories to be featured in, small and home-based entrepreneurs will learn how these successful entrepreneurs started; how they financed their businesses; how they market their products; how they manage their businesses; and more. Through their stories, our audiences will discover what strategies and approaches worked for the entrepreneurs who made it, and hopefully avoid the same mistakes that these entrepreneurs made,” according to Nach Maravilla, President and CEO of LLC.

“ perfectly complements our existing online magazine (, which contains information, advice, and how-tos of starting, running and managing a small or home-based business. While home-based entrepreneurs can learn the basics of entrepreneurship at, they can now go to to read about home-based entrepreneurs who have actually made it,” Maravilla added.

About, a division of LLC, presents real stories of women (and men too!) who have succeeded in their entrepreneurial ventures. The site provides real success stories of people who learned how to grow their business the hard way in order to help and inspire other entrepreneurs or potential business owners. As part of its goal of providing information to business owners and would-be entrepreneurs, the site also provides summaries and critical information from the latest business books. Please visit for more information.

About LLC

Power Homebiz Guides at, is a privately held online publisher of home business and small business information. We provide well-written features, “how-to” articles; “how I did it” success stories, tips and hints, instructions, motivational articles and other information that will help consumers gain knowledge and succeed in their small business endeavor. Our objective is to provide comprehensive step-by-step ideas to help small entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures. Power HomeBiz Guides is published by, LLC, a Virginia, USA company that began operations in December 1999.  Please visit at for more information.

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