Debbie Weiner: Interior Design for Budget Conscious Families

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As a small business, you can’t offer everything to everyone. Hence, niche targeting has been an effective a strategy used by many small businesses to succeed. With more limited resources, you can offer better products or service if you concentrate on a smaller (but profitable) market that the giants of your industry has overlooked.

This is the strategy that interior decorator Debbie Weiner of Designing Solutions LLC in Silver Springs, Maryland has successfully used for her business. Instead of competing with other interior designers for high-end designs in the Washington DC area, Debbie’s interior design firm specializes in creating real-life family-friendly designs for busy homes. Not the immaculately perfect interior designs fit only for magazines, but designs for budget-conscious families for the way they really live.

With kids, it takes a yeoman’s job to make sure that everything is in order — and Debbie understands this need. Instead of creating fancy designs, she says that her

“elegant decorating style is influenced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in that it is carefully thought out to survive whatever life throws at it, including incontinent pets, food fights between siblings, vomiting babies and extremely sloppy spouses”

Debbie’s fresh approach to decorating has earned for her rave reviews from publications such as Washington Post, New York Times, Good Housekeeping, and other publications.

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