Christy Webber: Success in the Landscaping Business

| June 10, 2008 | 0 Comments
Christy Webber is one of the most succcessful landscape and lawncare business owners today. She is the founder of Christy Webber Landscapes , a full-service landscape provider, offering landscape design, construction, and landscape maintenance programs to residential, commercial and municipal properties throughout Chicago.

Her company, which she built from the ground up in 1990, is ranked by Lawn and Landscape Magazine as one of the top companies in this industry in terms of revenues. She started mowing lawns when she was a student for extra money, but sold the first business to start a teaching career. However, she realized that teaching was not for her and restarted her lawn care business. She started Christy Webber Landscapes in 1988 with only two people working out of her home.

Today, her company’s 2007 revenue is estimated to be at $18.2 million!

A very hands-on business owner, Christy’s tip to other business owners:

“It’s important to surround yourself with the right people who know what they’re doing. For example, I don’t know where I’d be right now without my CFO. He’s taught me how to be smart when it comes from borrowing money and provided me with valuable insight when it came to the company’s finances. I could never have achieved this success if not for these people around me. That’s the key to running a business this size.”

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