Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

| March 1, 2008 | 3 Comments

Financial Post has an interesting article entitled “Understanding the psychology of the successful” which lists the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. According to the article, those who succeed in entrepreneurial activities share the following attributes:

  • often relatively comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty and risk
  • strongly influence events (or self-efficacy)
  • have high levels of work motivation
  • characterized by high levels of social competence and social intelligence
  • has an ability to build relationships and to connect with others on a social and interpersonal level
  • single-minded and devoted to their unique passions
  • have a unique ability to see opportunities others fail to recognize
  • may judge ambiguous business conditions in more positive, enthusiastic, and optimistic terms
  • takes advantage of resources such as mentoring, counselling and other small business development assistance
  • has some blend of critical analytical thinking, creativity, and practical implementation of ideas

The question now is, do you have to be born with these characteristics or can you develop them through experiences and education?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To abig extent one does not need to be born with these characteristics but it all depends on what one needs to achieve in life as one grows and learns from others also. i believe it depends on ones devotion and vision.


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  2. sylvan says:

    I do not think someone has to be born with these. That is stupid, anyone can work hard enough to change their mentality and how shy they may be. Leadership is learned, some have a natural propensity towards talents but no one is perfect from birth.

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  3. Liberty health net Wallace says:

    People can choose to be successful or not. When you decide that you want to become successful and keep up the mindset thinking of what successful means to you. And have the passion and motivation, you will get there, there is a bit more but changing the way you think and getting out of the “poverty mind-set” is definitely the first big step to your journey to success.

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