Brenda Dronkers: Finding Success with Inflatable Party Spaces

| January 31, 2008 | 2 Comments

Sometimes the best business ideas are just around us — if you know where to look.

Brenda Dronkers, founder of the inflatable party place Pump It Up, got the inspiration for her business in her church’s fall festival in 1999. She was then a California mother of three who struggled to make ends meet with no college degree and no money.

In that festival, she saw her kids’ excitement as they rushed to the inflatable trampoline. And the idea hit her — since kids love inflatables and inflatable slides and trampolines are always a hit during parties, why not create a place full of inflatables where parties can be safely held?

Brenda moved fast with her business idea. With a friend giving her some capital, she leased a cheap warehouse and commissioned much-sturdier inflatables. She opened her first Pump It Up in Pleasanton, California that year.

And her business worked! She booked 90 parties in her first month. Last year, revenues of Pump It Up reached $55 million. She has franchised her idea, and now has about 160 franchises in 38 states.

Check out Brenda’s successful venture at

You can read about Brenda’s new venture and the lessons she learned from Pump It Up in the article “Brenda Dronkers: Moving from One Successful Business to Another”

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  1. Daemyn says:

    It was a creative business idea. Sometimes you really just have to look around you and be sharp enough to find a business opportunity.

    Can I tell you about the Young Entrepreneur Society Bountiful business info available.

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  2. Brenda Dronkers says:

    Hi! This is Brenda Dronkers. Thanks for the wonderful article! Pump It Up was a wonderful stepping stone for me as an entrepreneur! I recently sold off a majority of shares on Pump It Up so that I that I could start something new. (You know how entrepreneurs are, 8 years was a lonnnggg time for me in one company. I am sure most readers can relate!

    I just started a dream business called Thriving Ink, along woth my children, who are now 18 and 20. It is a clothing line and it is amazing! Check out It is launching this week. LMK if you want to chat about it! Take care and God Bless! Brenda Dronkers. email me at

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