Liz Folger: A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Success Story 3

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When you started, your kids were only toddlers. How difficult was that time in terms of being able to successfully jumpstart a Web business while taking care of little children?

Liz: Rough! Having two toddlers, both in diapers and 15 months a part. PHEW. But they are the reason I started my home biz search. I didn’t have a college degree. I knew putting them into daycare would probably cost me more than what I would make working outside the home.

I kept having to remind myself when I would get a little frustrated, “Why am I here in the first place? I’m here for my girls.”

Usually just getting up and moving away from the computer, taking them for a walk or just playing with them for 30 min was enough to give me a few more minutes of work time.

And then…there were those gifts from God called NAP!! Loved naptime. I could get some work done then for sure…if I wasn’t to exhausted that I took one with them.

How have things changed that your children are now preteens? Do they help in your web business?

Liz: Yikes…yes preteens. I’m realizing that it’s just as important for me to be home with my girls now as it was when they were babies. It’s tough being pre-teen and a teenager. So many issues there. I’m glad I can be at home when my girls get home from school. I feel I can keep a little better eye on things this way. Plus I know they really like me being home too.

The other day my daughter was sick and she called me to come pick her up from school. I could quickly go get her and bring her home. When we were walking out to the car my daughter said, “I’m so glad you work-at-home.” And to be honest, so am I.

In your experience, what is the best part of working from home? What is the most difficult?

Best part is the flexibility to be the kind of parent I want to be. I enjoy going on field trips and taking my daughters to after school events.

The most difficult is the isolation. While I actually enjoy working by myself, I do feel the need to be around people. I try to plan something daily where I can be around people for a little bit of time. And actually talk to another adult.

What are your tips to other work-at-home moms who are seeking additional income from home while raising a family?

Do what you LOVE. Don’t start a business because you are told you can make a ton of money. The truth is it takes time to make money from home. If you’re in the business just to make money you’ll give up before you bringing in a profit.

Look at what you’ve done in the past, look at your hobbies or interest. Is there something you’re already doing that could be made into a home business.

Working at home isn’t just a business. It’s a lifestyle. Think about how you want your lifestyle to be. And yes, you can have fun making money.

What are the next steps for and for you?

We plan to create many more career kits. We love the response we are getting with our kits. And we want as many options as we can possibly offer. We want moms to find a business she loves. And we want to give her the support she needs to make that business a success.

I would like to write another book. It’s time. I’m doing some research into this and planning out a way to make that happen.

Life is good and I feel blessed everyday that I can do something I love and feel passionate about.

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