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What are the current products and offerings of

Liz: The first product we ever sold at Bizymoms were ebooks. Several years later we offered online classes that could last four or two weeks, depending on the course.

Our latest product though is something I’ve wanted to be able to offer at Bizymoms for years. It’s a dream come true to be able to offer such an incredible resource.

What I’m referring to is our Career Kits. We offer six of them right now. The subject areas are:

  • Personalized Letters (Like Santa Letters but can be run throughout the year with letters from the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, the Great Pumpkin and more)
  • How to start a home-based tutoring business.
  • Start your own Virtual assistant business.
  • Learn how to start a welcome services business in your area.
  • Kindersigns – This is where you teach parents to sign to their hearing babies. This is really gaining in popularity. The benefits are many. One being there is less frustration between a parent and baby because a baby can communicate with just a few signs what they want.

Our latest kit is the popular business of candy wrapping. And this just isn’t for candy bars either. Wrappers are wrapping water bottles, microwave popcorn, mints…basically anything that will sit still long enough can get wrapped.

What’s basically included in each kit is a workbook on how to start the particular business they’ve purchased. Two areas that keep many women from starting a business is wondering how to make their business legal and what steps need to be made. The second area is wondering once that business is started, how to get the word out about it. So we’ve included an additional two workbooks. One on basic business start-up as well as a marketing workbook.

Another thing we wanted to supply is support. There’s nothing worse than starting a business, have questions, but not know who to ask. Our kits have a basic 6 months of help desk support. So if you have a questions, we are just an email away.

All our kits have a premium option to them. With this you get an incredible website. And it’s just not a website. With many of your programs we have implemented software features so you can create a database, send out emails to your clients, you can accept credit card payments via Paypal. What’s really great about the website is you don’t need to know HTML to create it. All you need to do is simply answer some questions and your website is created for you. And you can change colors templates etc as often as you like.

You can check out all of our career kits at:

Aside from selling work-at-home career kits, what other revenue models do you employ for

Liz: Right now the only revenue is from our kits, ebooks and online courses. Since Sept of 2005 we no longer accept advertising. However, up until then we did.

What do you think are the hottest home-based businesses for moms now?

Liz: I think the hottest home biz for women is one where they can use their computer. I get so many emails from moms who want to know how they can make money with their home computer.

Other hot home based businesses include:

  • Virtual Assisting
  • Pet products or services
  • Cleaning business
  • Personalized products
  • Elder care

What are the Web-based businesses that are popular with moms?

Ebay or online auctions is very popular. Some moms are really getting into this.

Again Virtual assisting is so popular because there are so many services you can offer. From errand service, to data entry.

What do you say are the most significant challenges of running a Web-based business? How were you able to overcome them?

Liz: Wow, I’ve never really thought of having an online business as a challenge really. To me, it’s easier than it not being web based. I can do business with the whole world and not just the local area I live in.

I guess a challenge might be that it can get lonely. I sit in front of a computer all day and don’t interact with other people. I have to make sure I get out so I don’t get too lonely.

How do you market your website?

Liz: Bizymoms has never paid for advertising. I started out be sending a newsletter out every Monday. It would include a column from me and what would be happening on the site. I still send this newsletter out.

I write a self-syndicated column that goes out to about 90 sites. We also offer an affiliate program so other sites can promote our products.

What are the factors that helped you succeed in Internet publishing?

Liz: We created a product that was needed. Moms want legitimate work-at-home resources and we were able to supply this.

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