11 Simple Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship

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According to the new book “Beat the System” by Robert W. MacDonald (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; October 2007) the key to becoming an entrepreneur lies in the implementation of basic concepts and, there are only 11 simple secrets to learn to make it happen.

Here are the secrets to successful entrepreneurship:

  • Secret 1: Build parallel interests.
  • Secret 2: Be an architect of the future.
  • Secret 3: Be decisive, multifaceted, and ethical to a fault.
  • Secret 4: Know the risk — measure the reward.
  • Secret 5: Communication — be a shower not a teller.
  • Secret 6: Power to the people.
  • Secret 7: Become a trust builder.
  • Secret 8: Sharing wealth increases wealth.
  • Secret 9: Be constant, consistent, and concise.
  • Secret 10: Treat important people like important people.
  • Secret 11: Do simple things — simply do them.

Read an excerpt of the book “Beat the System”

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