Picking the Right Protein Supplement with Rebecca Ireland

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With the growing desire to live healthier lives, protein supplements and fitness somehow go hand and hand together. Fitness magazines are full of articles and ads about protein supplements, and major supplement stores have aisles and aisles of protein supplements.

But with the vast number of supplements out there, what type of protein supplement is the best? Rebecca Ireland made it her mission to understand the different types of protein supplements available out there. She created ProteinPicker.com based on her extensive research to understand various protein supplements.

Rebecca Ireland and ProteinPicker.com

Read about Rebecca’s journey in starting ProteinPicker.com:

Can you tell us about ProteinPicker.com?

Protein Picker is the only place online to search and compare side-by-side over 450 plant-based protein powders and shakes.

How and why did you start your business?

About 2 years ago I was in the process of researching a protein shake to use for myself. As a nursing mama, I was tired, starving and just desperate for a healthy, quick, easy meal that I could throw back with enough time to nap with my toddlers. Add in the fact that my baby had food allergies that seriously limited my diet (read: soy/dairy free) and finding a solution was quite a task!

During the process, I found that most sites that highlight protein shakes had a very limited list of plant protein powders and generally focused on bodybuilding factors rather than looking at the ingredients and contents through the lens of health and clean eating. Also, there was also no place to actually compare the shakes side-by-side. 10 pages into Google reading blog comments I thought, “Why was it so difficult to research and find a good protein powder?!”

I decided I would do what I could to create this tool to help others having the same problem. It took me nearly a year to compile all of the nutrition data (450+ powders across over 30 health criterion). I then partnered with a great design team to build a site that would be user-friendly and have the back-end functionality to allow users to do very detailed searches.

Protein Picker

What were the biggest challenges you faced in creating an online store?

My biggest challenge had to be the process of actually building the site. Another challenge was doing it on the limited time of evenings after children were in bed.

Aside from ProteinPicker.com, where else can people get your products?

In addition to the website you can also follow us on our social media channels on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! We love using them to share new protein products and great reviews, announce recalls and post interesting blogs and yummy protein-packed recipes from bloggers and manufacturers across the internet. We’d love to interact with you!

Are there any pros and cons to being a woman entrepreneur?

Haha! Well, there are definitely cons to being a ‘mompreneur’—not enough hours in the day!

How are you marketing your business?

Social media is such a powerful tool to promote your business and to really interact with people. We are active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. We have done some advertising on social media and soon will launch a daily protein powder giveaway via these outlets to grow our newsletter account.

We have also used our accounts to reach out to protein manufacturers directly to ask questions and to let them know about the site launch.

How are you balancing your business with your personal life?

The best advice I can give for balancing the two is to set boundaries and plan what you will do during work time. I do not work while my children are awake. This means when they are napping or sleeping.

What lessons have you learned so far about being an entrepreneur?

Instead of focusing work time on where you are with your business, focus most of your time on doing at least one thing every day to get the word out about your business.

How do you see the business 5 years from now?

Honestly, I’m not sure! We are so early in the process that I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from users about what they need and want to help make their process of picking a protein powder faster and easier. I look forward to creating a site that is the one-stop place to research, compare and ultimately buy protein shakes.

What lessons can you share other women entrepreneurs out there?

If you have an idea, write it down! And really do some research/talk to people to see if it’s an idea you could build a business around. So many women have fabulous ideas but don’t take the time to explore whether they are viable. You may be surprised!

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