Team Building Tips for the Modern Business

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Team Building Tips for the Modern Business

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In today’s world, there’s no such thing as a one-man show, as even small businesses are outsourcing and hiring in-house help in an effort to remain competitive and progressive. Unfortunately, assembling a team is only one half of the battle, as even after you’ve hired the ideal candidates and made them familiar with their individual job duties, you still have to see if they can work together efficiently.

Team dynamics can have a considerable impact on the level of success a company is able to achieve, especially when processes are segmented between departments. Every worker plays a key role and often times communication and collaboration are involved at some point in the process chain. With that in mind, here are several tips you can use to make your team more organized, socially compatible, and productive.

Get Out of the Office and See New Places

Engaging in team building activities within the office isn’t always the most memorable way to introduce new concepts. You can make your team remember the day and its lessons by incorporating scenery via the use of tours, treasure hunts, and traveling games like raft racing and the London game of zones. Another great idea if you’re in London is the party bus, which is one of the more popular Team Tactics events offered to companies as part of an all-inclusive package. Making a field trip out of it is the best way to get everyone excited and engaged, especially when you compare the awesomeness of a social summer outing to the mundanity of yet another simple office meeting.

Team Building Tips for the Modern Business

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Use a Collaboration Platform

Once you’ve made it a point to implement team building into a grand event, why not transition to a more comprehensive collaboration platform online? If you’re currently using spreadsheets, emails, chat, and other standard correspondence methods for the idea and file sharing, you could probably benefit greatly from handling all collaboration within a centralized platform designed specifically for facilitating company networking and creativity. The options here are endless, so you may want to start by checking out a list of the top corporate collaboration tools.

Use Apps, Games, and Activities

Aside from bringing everything together under an umbrella platform on your PCs, it’s also a good idea to explore options for streamlining things on your team’s mobile devices. This will help them bring their work home and focus on it after hours, which of course can carry over into at-work benefits by improving employee preparedness, file access, and enthusiasm. Simplifying and automating tedious tasks also makes work processes more enjoyable, thereby boosting morale and making the duty of showing up to work easier to look forward to.

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Hire Team Building Specialists and Planners

Although all of these tips can be carried out independently, if you really want to see top-notch results, you may want to outsource the event planning and organizing to experienced providers like Team Tactics. By removing the guesswork, you allow your managerial staff to continue focusing on more mission-critical tasks while also reaping the benefits of working with a group that specializes in team building activities.

Big Events Create the Strongest Memories

You might be thinking “why not just spend 30 minutes a few days per week working on team building instead of allocating a whole afternoon to it?” Well, the reason why it’s good to take your time and enjoy team building is that longer sessions tend to have a more permanent positive effect. Research has shown that gamified learning works to instill principles and encourage implementation more than the alternative of the old-fashioned ‘teach and quiz’ method of training.

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