Areas to Study if You Want to be a Successful Entrepreneur

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Top Areas to Consider Studying at University if You Want to be a Successful Entrepreneur

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If you’re planning to launch your first startup soon, or are already an entrepreneur who wants to get better at leading a team, managing cash flow, landing new customers and so on, it is important to be continually looking for new ways to grow and learn.

One of the best ways to go about this can be actually studying a degree at the university that will help you develop all the skills you need to succeed. Read on for some of the top areas worth studying today.


Obviously one of the key choices for people who want to become an entrepreneur is business studies. A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree or similar can give you a good all-round understanding of what is involved in running your own business and what’s required to grow it and keep it thriving in the future.

areas of study

One of the advantages of choosing to study business specifically is that doing so will give you a great foundation in both the mechanics and practicalities of creating and leading a venture. Most courses cover diverse topics like sales, marketing, accounting, finance, administration and so on.

As well, keep in mind that enrolling in a course like this will give you the opportunity to develop relationships with like-minded people who might end up becoming your partners, investors, employees, advocates or other supporters over the years. It will certainly help you to fine tune your communication skills as you go along too, both in written and verbal formats.


Of course, another key element of running a thriving business is being able to lead a diverse team, in both good times and in bad. This is where studying a degree based on leadership can come in really handy. A top leadership course can help you learn how to motivate, inspire, influence and lead people within your business to work towards a common goal.

You will learn how to get across your thoughts and directions in a measurable and easy-to-follow way; how to organize your team and delegate jobs; how to convince others of a process or idea’s potential; how to help workers develop; and how to use creativity to make the best use of your employees and coordinate processes according to their personalities, expertise and work styles.

Studying organizational leadership, in particular, can really assist you with your entrepreneurial goals. This area of focus examines how to lead people using a personal and more innovative approach. It will get you clear on how to detect the emotional intelligence of your workers; how to help them reach their full potential and achieve goals; how to work with people from different ages, backgrounds, and cultures; and how to effectively mediate conflict.


areas of study: psychology

Similarly, choosing to study psychology can be a great help when it comes to leading a team and working out how personalities differ and can be affected by various communication and management styles. Having a better understanding of how the human brain works can make it easier for you to pick up on issues people are having but not openly talking about on the job, and to find the best ways to recognize, reward, and motivate your staff members.

Psychological studies are also helpful when it comes to other elements of a business. For example, your knowledge in this area can assist you when you need to determine which products or services to design, buy, and sell; the best target market(s) to go after; and how to position your brand for the best results.

Sales processes (whether when dealing with potential investors, lenders, employees, partners, or customers) will be aided by understanding human behavior too; as will your ability to handle your own emotions and reactions when challenges arise in the business.

Computer Science

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about your future as an entrepreneur, but being skilled in computer science can definitely be a boon to your career. After all, when you check out some of the most successful CEOs and startup founders over recent years you will notice that a large number of them have a background in computer-related topics.

Technology is disrupting industries all over the globe right now, as well as enabling people to come up with quicker or more economical ways to do things. As such, bringing skills in this area to the table could really stand your business in good stead. Computer science, in particular, is booming and has helped numerous entrepreneurs to make millions or even billions of dollars recently.

Study computer science and you can learn how to create apps, websites or programs which could become the next Angry Birds, Amazon, Google, Snapchat, or Evernote. You could also become proficient in using and building analytics programs for big-data sets, and in turn discover new opportunities, streamline business processes, cut costs and much more.


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