Why Appealing to a Boomer Woman Is a Matter of Life Transitions

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A Boomer woman is not a chronological clock catcher. Ask a woman over 40 whether she identifies with her age, and most likely you’ll find a genuine disconnect between the date on her driver s license and how she’s looking, acting, and feeling. What’s more, Boomer women tend to have an aversion to the whole notion of “aging.” In a study of 100 “Leading Edge Boomer women between the ages of 52 and 60, not one identified herself as a senior citizen. Even when they were no longer working, most also rejected the label “retiree.” .

A Boomer woman keeps growing. In midlife and beyond. Boomer women tend to approach issues and opportunities with the same focus they brought to their young adult years- how to find meaning, be productive, contribute to society, and relish the fully-lived life In the study cited above, one Boomer woman who had decided to go back to school for an advanced degree identified herself primarily as a “student.” Others identified themselves as being at the peak of their career,” a “social activist,” and a “golfer.” Some women still saw themselves first and foremost as “mom” to their adult children.

A Boomer woman’s needs are defined by her life circumstances, regardless of age A woman in her early 40s may be taking care of an elderly parent, and so may a woman in her early 70s. Despite their age differences, these women share many of the same concerns as caregivers. Similarly, a woman in her late 40s who is a grandmother may have more in common, especially when it comes to gift purchasing, with a woman in her late 60s who also has grandchildren than with a woman in her late 40s who doesn’t have children.
A Boomer woman may be in multiple life stages simultaneously. A Boomer woman may still be paying her children’s college tuition while applying for a school loan for herself Or she may be an empty-nester, a doting grandmother, a small business entrepreneur and a ‘ sexy, dating single—all at the same time.

A Boomer woman is likely to revisit a number of life stages multiple times. Negotiating life stages is not a neat, linear process for most Boomer women. For one, the emptying of the family s nest is often a layered experience across the coming-of-age of several children When her first child leaves home, a Boomer mom is more likely to experience separation anxiety and embrace high-tech tools to stay connected. When her last child leaves home a Boomer mom is more likely to feel liberated and eager to pursue new experiences For ‘ many women, a completely empty nest opens up possibilities for travel, adventure mastering a new skill, or starting a second career.

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