Working Remotely: 3 Ways to Monetize a Blog from Anywhere in the World

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Could an Online MBA Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

Blogging has always been hailed as one of the best ways to make money online. We’ve even seen self-made “celebs” that attribute their wealth to blogging and blogging-related activities. Someone like Neil Patel who’s featured in Forbes 30-under-30 gets most of their income from blogging. And he doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any soon.

Question is – how do they make money from their blogs? Since no one is going to pay you for posting an interesting piece on your blog, how do you ensure that your blogging efforts earn you residual income?

Turns out, there are plenty of ways to extract money from your blogging. The following are three strategies to consider:

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Offer Coaching Services

Bloggers typically preach their passions. If you’re a football blogger, it’s likely because you enjoy football. If you blog about yoga, the same applies. You already possess’ valuable knowledge about the topic and your blog is only a way to share your passions with the public.

An easy way to begin making money from the blog would be to coach interested parties for a small fee. For example, if someone wants to learn more about yoga, you can offer personal coaching for an hourly fee. You can also coach businesses on blogging and digital marketing. You’ll need a dedicated website for this though. Learn how to quickly build an effective site at

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Become an in-demand freelance blogger

If you are a good writer or even if you’re just a good blogger with access to good writers, you can become a freelance blogger who starts and runs blogs for businesses in exchange for money. For example, if a local insurance company is looking to start a blog where they can publicize their products and educate people about their offers, you could do that for them.

Pay typically depends on a lot of factors including the industry, your experience, topics, and so forth. But, according to one study last year, 19% of freelance bloggers made more than $50,000, including about 5% who made six figures. If you can acquire useful skills in WordPress, SEO, and social media, you’re guaranteed a good paycheck.

Could an Online MBA Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

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Create and sell courses online

Finally, you can also create and sell courses. You’ll need to be good though because many other bloggers are already doing that. To stand out from the rest, your work needs to be unique and loaded with plenty of value. Also, you’ll need to become efficient at your job. Minimize costs while maximizing returns.

The amount you can expect to make from an online course varies, but even a topic that is already widely covered promises good returns. Bryan Harris launched his second online course recently, working on a topic that’s already well covered, and still made an incredible $511,466 in invoiced sales. In total, he has now made over $800,000 from his two online courses.

Feel up to the task? Why not begin today? Sure, there will be many challenges on the way. But you’re still guaranteed good money.



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