Rent Maternity Clothes Online: Business Idea for Women

| November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Rental Maternity   

Pregnancy is a very special time for any woman and her family. However, it is also a time when women are faced with a lot of fashion challenges.  

With a changing body and growing belly, the question of what to wear especially on special occasions have vexed a lot of pregnant women everywhere. When you are 34 weeks large and need a special outfit to attend a wedding, your choice is to either buy a new outfit that you will never wear again post-pregnancy, or borrow a dress however ill-fitting it may be. Special event outfits are expensive, and tend not to have a lot of mileage in terms of usage after the event – and even more for the maternity versions. How much do you really want to spend for a dress that you’ll only wear for a few hours? 

Marcelle Costello struggled with this question when she was pregnant. As she recalls,  

When I was pregnant with my twins and needed a dress for a party, it was hard to spend a lot of money on a maternity dress to “make do for now” – especially since I’d probably wear it once, and really for only a few hours.

Realizing that other pregnant women may be in her situation, Costello started . This new ecommerce venture allows pregnant women to rent special occasion clothes and dresses – such as baby showers, cocktail parties, weddings, even date nights – without breaking the bank. The new site solves the maternity wardrobe challenge by making social and special occasion wear available on an as-needed basis, saving the mom-to-be the high cost of investing in these occasion clothes.  

Rental for each piece costs as low as $35 for a week’s rental to as much as $85 for a brand new outfit or rented only once. You can rent up to six items at a time; and you are given a 48-hour try-on window to make sure the dress fits and it is something you want. Every dress comes with a pre-paid return label and envelope, so when you’re done just pop it in the mail. To make it convenient, rental return shipping is free. For clothes not returned or damaged beyond the acceptable wear and tear and spills, your credit card will be charged for the damage and a replacement fee. 


The downside of course is that this is a rental outfit, and there’s something a little iffy about wearing an outfit that 30 people may have worn before. Plus, the styles are quite limited, and you don’t get to keep the dress. Even with free return shipping, there’s the hassle of returning the items especially if you find that the fit is not right for you. At $85 a pop per week, the price can be more expensive than some maternity clothes that you can buy from department stores.  

Do you think maternity clothes rental store is a good idea? If you are pregnant, will you rent or will you buy special occasion clothes?  


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  1. Reersø says:

    I must say that it is a great idea, this with renting out the clothing to pregnant women, why didnt i my self come across that. I am inspired now so keep up the good work, we are in the same kind of business.
    Thumbs up from Denmark

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  2. Dalton Huffaker says:

    It will be the dream of every woman to become the mother. Motherhood could be the immortal part with the woman’s life. Woman as soon as get married, want to start the family. It is like a dream come accurate for a woman when she becomes pregnant. Pregnancy is actually a fulfilling experience for each woman. Each and every woman wants to enjoy the experience the pregnancy and wants to become the mother.

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