Nicole Simons: A Nutty Success Story with Fortunuts

| July 29, 2008 | 1 Comment

Some successful business ideas come from childhood.

As a child, Nicole Simon’s mom would make her special walnut recipe for friends and co-workers during the holidays. Friends asked for their delectable walnut treats that making it and giving it as holiday gifts became the tradition in their household. They decided to add a fun element by adding a fortune into each bag as a reminder of how fortunate they felt each year as their giving list grew.

In December 2002, Nicole was urged to find a way to make their nuts more accessible to everyone. She sold her special walnuts — which she describes as, “a little bit of sugar, a dab of salt and a whole lota love” — to the public at The Santa Monica Farmers Market, in Los Angeles. The nuts came in Chinese take-out boxes, with fortune messages, and they were a huge success.

Since their humble beginning, Fortunuts has become a successful gourmet food item, with assorted sizes, new unique packaging and made-to-order fortunes. Nicole’s Fortunuts now come in three varieties: Sweet & Salted Walnuts, Mesquite Walnuts, and Sweet & Salted Pecans Today, Fortunuts is available in upscale stores, online at and in gourmet gift baskets.

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  1. Anneri says:

    Congrats 4 the success!!!!!

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