How to Market to Moms

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How to Market to Moms

Over 70% of women in the world aged 15yrs+ are moms, according to the advertising firm Saatchi and Saatchi. With about 2 billion women as moms, these potential customers are an important market for businesses.

However, marketing to moms is not easy. In fact, the Saatchi and Saatchi study “Moms and Marketing” find that more than 50% of these moms feel that marketers don’t understand them.  Many moms feel that marketers have outdated views of moms, especially when businesses talk about motherhood as a job.

Moms are a diverse group and can come from a variety of socio-demographic and cultural backgrounds. They play many roles and don’t like to be pegged to a particular stereotype. They don’t like to be always seen as the frazzled-yet-beaming-with-saintly-pride while doing the “toughest job in the world.”  They also don’t want to be idealized and trivialized.

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The Saatchi and Saatchi study highlight that moms are multifaceted and multidimensional human beings. They are “carers” who spend time providing for the family’s emotional needs, while also serving as “elders,” “coaches,” “playmates,” “heroes,” “friends,” and “fans.” Marketers can acknowledge these different roles that moms play, and not just focus on outdated views of moms.

Moms also share a number of common characteristics that marketers can tap to reach out to them.  Mashable  in its article “7 Tips for Marketing to Moms” offer the following advice:

  • Look at what works, which often include themes of family, sentimentality, humor and depiction of mom as a do-it-all badass.
  • Tug at the heartstrings
  • Since moms are busy, make your campaign snappy and keep it brief
  • Appreciate the diversity of moms and don’t peg them into stereotypes (e.g. soccer moms, helicopter moms, boomer moms, etc.)
  • Be real as moms appreciate honesty and realism
  • Moms are heavy social media users, so make plays on social platforms such as Facebook
  • Get moms to talk about you and recommend you to others

The direct marketing company Valpak, reiterates the above tips when marketing to moms:

  • Moms love the convenience and time of shopping online, and they love too-good-to-resist online deals
  • Moms are 20% more likely to use social media, with Facebook as the platform of choice of majority of moms
  • Visual marketing works for moms, and that’s why they are big users of Pinterest and Instagram
  • Moms love their mobile devices
  • Retailers should increasingly focus their efforts on marketing to moms

In the’s article “Master Marketing to Moms,” one of the key mistakes when it comes to marketing to moms is that “moms are always happy, especially when cleaning.” The kids “are always depicted as obedient angels—you know, the kids are all too happy to eat their vegetables.”

The article The 10 Commandments Of Marketing To Moms  summarizes how marketers should effectively market to moms:

  • Work with moms to get it right
  • Keep it real
  • Answer her when she’s reaching out
  • Follow the moms that follow you back
  • Always layer in authentic conversation around your traditional campaigns
  • Never market to them as a niche
  • Remember she’s intelligent
  • Keep it beautifully simple
  • Balance emotional messaging with pragmatic information
  • Remember it’s about story selling



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