How Starting a Business Can Affect Marriage and the Family

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Starting a business, in some instances, can be bad for families and relationships.

When a family member (say a husband) starts a business, the whole family can be affected — and not always for the better. Starting a business is an emotionally consuming, time-hogging and stressful experience that it can significantly alter the behavior of the entrepreneur and the way he relates to his family.

The problem is exacerbated if the other family members are unsupportive or resentful of the business. The family may also adopt a cavalier attitude toward the business that the entrepreneur feels that his family does not give him the respect, support and trust that he needs.

These feelings of hurt from both sides often result in frayed relationships, even broken marriages. Here are some risks starting a business can bring to families and marriages:

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  1. Gillian says:

    This is very true, it is so necessary to have support and encouragement from the family when starting your own business. The whole balance of a marriage alters when this happens, not always for the better.

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